What specifically applies to your Chiropractic care comes down to your clinical presentation, our professional opinion and any personal preference you may have. It’s typical for a single treatment session to include a bit of everything as we strive to be as holistic as possible.

Spinal Manipulative Therapy

Restoring movement and freedom to stiff and sore spinal joints.

This is the most common reason patients present to our practice. They want a chiropractor who is amazing at cracking, crunching, popping and releasing their tight and tender spots. It’s also our favourite thing to do and it forms the basis of care for many patients. Practically speaking the joints are taken to a point of tightness and a very fast, low amplitude movement is made to overcome that tightness. 

There are often audible pop or crack noises that signal the joint has indeed been released. The sound is simply the fluid within that joint cavitating into air bubbles and expanding to fill the increased volume provided. The difference in tightness and tenderness is often felt immediately.

Spinal Manipulative Therapy

The Gentle Approach

Sometimes using a more subtle and delicate technique is required. Less can be more.

The gentle approach includes low-force variants of traditional spinal manipulative therapy as well as some specialist chiropractic tools and equipment. The goal remains to release stiff and sore joints but instead using slow, consistent pressure or small, repeated movements. We typically use drop-piece tables, pelvic blocking, joint mobilisation and activator. 

If you’re concerned about being fragile or maybe a bit uneasy about certain types of traditional manipulative therapy, then this may be the perfect treatment option for you.

Extremity Manipulation

Extremity Manipulation

Releasing tight joints in the upper and lower limb.

We care for your entire musculoskeletal system, not just your spinal health. Most treatment sessions we do will include assessment and release of your extremity joints as we believe it plays a big role in your outcome of care. After all everything in your body is connected and influenced by each other.

Many patients also come to us exclusively for help with a problem joint in their arm or leg.

Soft Tissue Therapy

Easing those tense muscles and softening the knots.

We will work on your muscles at every treatment session. Not only are the often the source of local pain but they often contribute to the broader problem. Typically, we try to isolate the most severe area of tightness and use active release technique (ART) and trigger point therapy to very specifically and effectively reduce the tension. We are also qualified dry needling practitioners for those extra stubborn and painful spots. When tissue length or activation is the concern, we employ kinesiology taping and in-practice stretching demonstrations to show you what’s possible.

You may elect to visit our Remedial Massage Therapist, Katie, for an entire session dedicated to just your tense muscles and knots.

Soft Tissue Therapy

Home Exercises and Advice

This is where you can take control of your own progress. There are always exercises you can do to help change your body for the better. We are here to tell you what needs to be done. You will also be given advice on what changes you can make to other aspects of your life to reinforce your care.